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 Staff Application for one of the best servers.

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PostSubject: Staff Application for one of the best servers.   Sat Aug 16, 2008 2:28 pm

Name: Dan

Age: 25

C+ C++ any experience with coding: No

Why you shoud Be PM or GM:
I think i should be a GM because of things that i have done in the past. I am also a very nice person and willing to help anyone who wants it. I will abide by the rules and anything you would like me to do i will do my best to help you and correct things in which are maybe wrong or need tweeking.

Any Erlier Experience Post proof aswell:
I have been GM's for 3 servers and are still GM's for them. I was GM for DragonCo, ProtoTypeNetwork and also PowerCo, i have also played on various servers such as:
DragonCo (GM)
ProtoTypeNetwork (GM)
PowerCo (GM)
And how could i forget Conquer online 2.0 and qonquer Smile
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Staff Application for one of the best servers.
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