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 This is the rewards you can get ingame

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PostSubject: This is the rewards you can get ingame   Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:24 am

The first reward ingame is to get to level 135 (very Easy) and you will get 1k cps

Secound reward is voting 1 Vote=500cp's able to get multiple times every 12 huors

Third reward is to get the server up among the top 20 and all players will get 20k cp's currently we are on place number 29 from 150 in just a few days so its possible Keep up the voting

wanna make money online register here and pm me for more info of making money online award for registreing there is 3k cps

Get another Player to join equals 150 cps per player.

Donations go to on paypal(1 dollar is 2 +99 items and 15 dollars is GM status).

From owner and staff Crazykid192

plz comment if thers any more reward we shoud have i might just add your lol!
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This is the rewards you can get ingame
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